Do you have an AC.UK email? Connect with a network of students carpooling to save on travel costs!

Join the revolution with ARKABS - allowing you to rideshare within the university community with others heading your way, saving your wallet and the environment.

Out now on Android and IOS!


How to use Arkabs


Find a Journey

Choose from one of the many journeys that others are making. 

Book a Seat

Pay with your preferred method, including Apple and Google Pay. We've kept all middle seats free, because we all enjoy that extra bit of space.


Meet at the pick-up point

Use our in-app messenger to discuss the exact meeting point. Make sure you arrive on time, nobody likes waiting!


Enjoy the trip

Now you’re on your way! We are all at university so why not make new friends and meet new people. Make sure to leave a rating for your driver/passenger.



Have a spare seat? want to make some extra £££?

You can put any journey on ARKABS and start making money off your empty seats

Simply log in to the app, publish your journey, set your price and wait for the passengers to join your trip. You can see each passengers profile and rating before your journey. We've added a messaging feature allowing you to co-ordinate your departure point with the other passengers

After the journey, you will receive the funds into your chosen payment method




We are two students from the University of Surrey studying Accounting and Finance. Living on a student budget can be quite expensive, especially when it comes to travelling. Travel costs within the UK have become exponentially more expensive, and many students are finding it hard to travel back home to see friends and family.


The idea initially started when we went on a trip to Poland with our flight tickets only costing £18. We were surprised as a train from Guildford to London was £24. At that moment we realised we had to take action as it was just absurd to discover what travel costs were like. Many students at University do have cars but are going from A to B with empty seats. We figured, why not bring drivers and riders together in cheaper a and more social way; that's how we started ARKABS.

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Ayman Kampoori

Emdadul Hoque

Why you should use


Since the only costs to the driver are fuel and wear and tear, splitting these costs mean HUGE savings over train tickets.


We verify the ID of all drivers, so we know they have a valid licence. Travelling with a few other students is safer than using public transport with many more strangers.


We care about the environment. More people sharing one car means less emissions, noise pollution and air pollution.


You'll be travelling with other students, why not make some new friends on the way!